What really makes me angry about the world?

So I’ve started the blog challenge by the Live Your Legend team. Participants were asked to reflect on the above question.

==so here goes==

You know what really pisses me off? Processed food and pornography.

I’m not sure about you but I want to know what I am eating. Have you ever read the never-ending list of ingredients behind some of the industrialised, “real” food that they have out there? Butylated hydroxytoluene, propylene glycol alginate, disodium guanylate. With such convoluted words, do we even understand what we are eating? Frankenfood – the main reason we need such stabilisers and emulsifiers in them.

Stop cheating me food manufacturers! I know what chicken, cheese and mushrooms taste like and it’s not like the super-charged enhancers that you dump on my food. These additives makes us addicted to larger-than-life (read: artificial) flavours, rendering bland the natural sweetness, umami and spice from real food. It is a tragedy that kids accustomed to the aisles of processed food cannot appreciate, or even comprehend, the tart saccharine goodness of a just-cut orange.

You can stop the charade too porn-makers. Most people don’t look like the size 0s and six-packers in the videos; the act of sexual intercourse is not meant to be a hyper-sexual, pleasure-centric “activity” as is portrayed. Again, there is a huge gap between what is natural (reality) and what we are given to consume (expectations normalised by society). When we are exposed to supernormal stimuli in pornography, we are robbed of the ability to appreciate true beauty and to respect the very act of sex.

I am a recovering addict from pornography (and processed food). Yes, I have experienced the thrill and the dopamine hit from such consumption. But I have also dragged myself through the tiresome pursuit of more, the better and the greater. With porn, I gradually found myself wanting to act out the same scenes I’ve watched and masturbated to.

I remember one bitter cold night in London. I took a pair of stationery scissors, trimmed the bush around my dick and set out looking for a chance sexual encounter in the parks and public restrooms. I plodded for over 2 hours, my heart restless and my feet weary by the end of it; I just wanted to go home. My search for the hyper-normal sexuality that began with pornography shoved me into the sorry state of grasping at whatever sexualised attention I could find.

No more superstimuli for me; no more chasing after illusory highs. I want to eat what grows on the land and moves on the earth, not chemicals manufactured in plants. I want to make love to the one I love, not stick my willy to whoever is willing to take it. I want what is real, authentic not what is fake, synthetic. Take away the distortions and pay attention to what your gut and soul is crying out. “I am designed for a particular purpose. Remember this and feed me according to my design.


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